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Pack One Pro

The all-in packfor self-employed and small businesses with an ultra-fast 400Mbps connection

promotion €85 €75 /month

Free Philips 4K Smart TV 50’. More info.

or €210 discount


Mobile Pro

A 10GB data plan with unlimited calls and texts

promotion €30 €20 /month

€30 discount


Ultra-thin 4K UHD LED Smart TV
with Precise UHD Pixel and Saphi System

Philips 6500 series

Smart TV LED TV Smart TV ultra-thin 4K
126 cm (50")
4K Ultra HD Quad Core LED TV

Enjoy the clarity of 4K UHD resolution on an easy-to-use Smart TV. Pixel Precise Ultra HD technology ensures crisp and smooth images. With the SAPHI system, you can instantly access your favorite content, such as your series on Netflix, at the touch of a button.

Beautifully beautiful. Even in standby mode.

- Thin frame and base.
- Thin but robust. Reproduction of each detail
- 4K Ultra HD. Images so sharp that you will feel like you are living them
- Ultra HD Precise Pixel. Fluid images of incredible depth.

The richness of colours. The sharpness of contrasts.

- HDR Plus. Improved contrast, colour and sharpness.
- Micro Dimming Pro. Intelligent contrast for dynamic scenes.

SAPHI: intuitive content selection

- SAPHI. Intelligence at the service of your TV set.
- Philips application gallery. Access YouTube, Netflix, and more.

An ultra-flat TV set. Crystal clear sound.

- Deep bass and clear dialogues.

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