Pack Duo Pro

Just what you need to connect your company

Promotion(1) €60 €50 /month for 3 months

No activation fee (€41.32) or installation fee (€49.59) + €10 off for 3 months

In short…

  • Unlimited ultra fast Internet
  • Unlimited calls from your landline
  • Services Pro


  • Unlimited ultra fast Internet

    Enjoy a really fast internet. In the Duo Pro pack, you benefit from a download speed of 400mbps, the fastest Internet in your region!(2) And with no download limit.

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  • Unlimited landline

    Simply unlimited, your company is eligible for free calls to Belgium from your landline 24/7. You call whenever you want and for as long as you want.

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  • A professional service, for the professionals

    With VOObusiness, you are entitled to a guaranteed 4-hour call-out deadline(6) if a problem arises, and to a dedicated hotline.

The Pack Duo Pro in detail

The solution including internet and landline phone

  • Internet

    • Up to 400 Mbps (download) and 20 Mbps (Upload)(2)
    • Unlimited monthly download volume
    • An extra 2GB SIM card for your tablet(4)
    • VOO Internet Security to protect all your devices(5)
    • Modem included
  • Landline

    • Unlimited calls to landlines in Belgium
    • 1,000 minutes to mobiles in Belgium(3)
  • Services

    • A 4-hour call-out service(6)
    • A customer service reserved for the Pros


All rates are understood to be exclusive of VAT and are subject to the VOObusiness general terms and conditions. They are reserved to professionals with a company number and the liberal professions.

  1. (1)Offer valid for any new 6-month subscription to a Duo Pro (Net + Tel) between April 24 and June 30, 2019 inclusive. For the existing VOO customer, this offer is only valid when an additional fixed service is added to his subscription package. For more information, go to the store. Prices and characteristics on 01/03/2019.

  2. (2)The download and upload speed depends on your computer installation, your internal cabling and a possible router. The advertised speeds are accessible speeds in connection with a cable. In wifi connection, the speeds reached are likely to be lower.

  3. (3)Landline to Mobile Option: Option to call national mobile lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maximum 1000 minutes per month. Beyond that, you are calling at the VOO mobile tariffs. Unused minutes are not transferable to the next month. Offer valid for personal use and for traffic originating from a single number. This offer cannot be combined with packages offering benefits on mobile calls, even on different numbers. Offer not valid for calls to special numbers (07x, 09xx, 1xxx,) and to the Internet.

  4. (4)toodata Pro card: This is a 2GB SIM card: In Europe, a daily limit of 200MB per day applies. If this limit is exceeded, a surcharge of €0.006/MB will be applied.

  5. (5)VOO Internet Security: Option included in all the Pro Packs and that can be installed on up to 6 computers at most (PC or MAC).

  6. (6)Repairs: Troubleshooting in 4 hours is possible if the call is made before 3 p.m. on a working day and before midday on Saturday. Troubleshooting in 4 hours is possible in the event of a problem on the line (excluding VOOcorder).

To find out more, visit us at or call into one of our stores. Prices and specifications as at 01/05/2018