Pack One Pro

Make your life easier with One Pro, the all-in pack for the professionals

Promo(1) €85 €75 /month for 12 months

A Philips 4K Smart TV 50’’ worth € 495,04 for free (More info) or No activation fee (€41.32), no installation fee (€49.59) + €10 off for 12 months

In short…

  • Unlimited ultra fast Internet
  • Unlimited calls from your landline
  • Unlimited calls and texts from your mobile
  • Up to 10GB of data
  • The new TV experience from VOO
  • Services Pro


  • Unlimited ultra fast Internet

    Speed is important to our customers. You are tired of your slow connection, we guarantee the fastest download speed in your region… now up to 400mbps(2) and without any price change !

    Learn more
  • Unlimited calls and texts from your mobile phone up to 10GB of data

    Our offer is simple and designed to meet your needs. Make the most of unlimited calls and texts and up to 10GB of data from your mobile(3). And up to 5 SIM cards.

  • A new TV experience

    Take a good look at the new TV experience from VOO. Our basic TV offering contains more than 70 channels, including 17 in HD and a selection of content that will please everyone: Humour, stars, films, series, sports and kids’ channels.

  • Unlimited calls from your landline

    What more can we say except that all calls are free in Belgium? Simply that we offer attractive rates for calls abroad(4).

    Consult the international rates

The Pack One Pro in detail

The comprehensive solution including internet, landline phone, TV and mobile

  • Mobile

    • A free mobile plan: Unlimited calls and texts, 2 GB of data(3).
    • Need additional mobile plans? Only € 10/month
    • Want additional data with Databoost Pro(4) ? Get an extra 8 GB for only € 7/month.
  • Internet

    • Up to 400 Mbps (download) and 20 Mbps (Upload)(2)
    • Unlimited monthly download volume
    • An extra 2 GB SIM card for your tablet(6)
    • VOO Internet Security to protect all your devices(7)
    • Modem included
  • Landline

    • Unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in Belgium
    • 2,000 minutes to landlines in 64 countries(5)
  • Television

    • Over 70 TV channels in digital quality, including 17 channels in HD
    • .évasion box modem included
    • Cable TV included
    • Family Fun: 19 exclusive channels to enjoy without moderation
    • Watch TV on all your computers, mobile and tablet with VOOmotion
    • 1 free on-demand film every month
  • Services

    • A 4-hour call-out service(8)
    • A customer service reserved for the Pros

Ultra-thin 4K UHD LED Smart TV
with Precise UHD Pixel and Saphi System

Philips 6500 series

Smart TV LED TV Smart TV ultra-thin 4K
126 cm (50")
4K Ultra HD Quad Core LED TV

Enjoy the clarity of 4K UHD resolution on an easy-to-use Smart TV. Pixel Precise Ultra HD technology ensures crisp and smooth images. With the SAPHI system, you can instantly access your favorite content, such as your series on Netflix, at the touch of a button.

Beautifully beautiful. Even in standby mode.

- Thin frame and base.
- Thin but robust. Reproduction of each detail
- 4K Ultra HD. Images so sharp that you will feel like you are living them
- Ultra HD Precise Pixel. Fluid images of incredible depth.

The richness of colours. The sharpness of contrasts.

- HDR Plus. Improved contrast, colour and sharpness.
- Micro Dimming Pro. Intelligent contrast for dynamic scenes.

SAPHI: intuitive content selection

- SAPHI. Intelligence at the service of your TV set.
- Philips application gallery. Access YouTube, Netflix, and more.

An ultra-flat TV set. Crystal clear sound.

- Deep bass and clear dialogues.


All rates are understood to be exclusive of VAT and are subject to the VOObusiness general terms and conditions. They are reserved to professionals with a company number and the liberal professions.

  1. (1)For customers who choose the Philips 4K Smart TV, the offer is valid while stocks last, with a 24-month commitment period linked to the Philips 4K Smart TV. Activation (€41.32 excluding VAT) and/or installation costs (€49.59 excluding VAT) are due.
    For the existing VOO customer, the offer is only valid when the Internet service is added to his subscription package. Offer not valid for the customer who has cancelled his VOO Internet subscription within the 12 months preceding the subscription of the new subscription or any third party domiciled at the same address as such a customer.
    The Philips 4K Smart TV will be delivered personally to the customer at his home in Belgium, subject to prior payment of the invoice for the costs within 30 days of receipt. VOO reserves the right to cancel any promotion if these conditions are not respected and if payment has not been made within this period.

    For the existing VOO customer who chooses the price reduction, the offer linked to the subscription to a Trio Pro offer is only valid when adding an additional fixed service to his subscription formula, whereas the offer linked to the subscription to One Pro is valid when adding an additional fixed or mobile service to his subscription formula.
    The download and upload speed depends on your computer installation, your internal cabling and a possible router. The advertised speeds are accessible speeds in connection with a cable. In wifi connection, the speeds reached are likely to be lower.
    Prices and characteristics on 01/11/2018.

  2. (2)Internet: The download and upload speed depends in particular on your computer installation, your internal wiring and any router. The quoted speeds are speeds available when connecting via a cable. The speeds may be lower with a Wi-Fi connection.

  3. (3)Mobile Offer: Offer reserved for normal professional use. Abnormal use is considered to be in excess of 6,000 call minutes or 6,000 texts per month. In the event of abnormal use, VOO will bill the customer a surcharge of € 0.17 per additional text message or call minute. The call minutes, texts and mobile data included in the offer are valid towards all mobile and landline networks in Belgium and in Europe. In Europe, a daily limit of 60 call minutes made, 60 texts sent and é00 MB of internet volume used daily apply. If this limit is exceeded, a surcharge of €0.032/min, €0.001/text and €0.006/MB will be applied. In Belgium, calls are billed per second from the 61st second and data are billed per 10 KB beyond the first 100 KB. These call minutes, text messages and internet volume are not transferable to the following month and are not valid towards special numbers, premium rate numbers (voting, 0900, etc.) and services provided by third parties.

  4. (4)Databoost Pro: Data not used during a month cannot be carried over to the following month. Mobile internet included in the offer is valid in Belgium and Europe. In Europe, a daily limit of 200MB per day applies. If this limit is exceeded, a surcharge of €0.006/MB will be applied.

  5. (5)International Option: Option making it possible to call the landlines of 64 countries 24/7 with the exception of special numbers and, for Morocco, the numbers of the operators WANA Corporate and Medi Telecom. Maximum per month 2000 minutes. Beyond this limit, your calls are charged at VOO international rates. More info on Any unused minutes cannot be carried over to the following month. Offer valid for personal use only from a single number.

  6. (6)toodata Pro card: This is a 2GB SIM card: In Europe, a daily limit of 200MB per day applies. If this limit is exceeded, a surcharge of €0.006/MB will be applied.

  7. (7)VOO Internet Security: Option included in all the Pro Packs and that can be installed on up to 6 computers at most (PC or MAC).

  8. (8)Repairs: Troubleshooting in 4 hours is possible if the call is made before 3 p.m. on a working day and before midday on Saturday. Troubleshooting in 4 hours is possible in the event of a problem on the line (excluding VOOcorder).

To find out more, visit us at or call into one of our stores. Prices and specifications as at 01/05/2018