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<strong>GIGABOOST:</strong><br>get 1 Gbps broadband.

get 1 Gbps broadband.

VOO ultra-fast broadband is coming to your town!
Upgrade for 12,40 €/month.
3 months free; no obligation

Ultra-fast 1 Gbps broadband: what does it really give me?

  • The wait is over
    Surf the web and download your attachments 2.5 times faster, at up to 1,000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps) a second, with ultra-fast broadband.
  • Effortless videoconferencing
    Say goodbye to the frustration of a frozen screen in the middle of a video call, even if several of you are using the connection simultaneously.
  • Download your files smoothly
    The never-ending loading bar when downloading a PDF or high-resolution images to a shared space is a thing of the past.
  • Even more responsive
    Don't let the speed of your internet connection slow down your business applications and hamper your ability to respond in an emergency.
  • Peaceful homeworking
    No more rows when working from home. The speed stays constant, even if your family is using the internet connection at the same time as you.
12 ,40 € / month   excl. VAT

Available with all our PRO packages

3 months free; no obligation
Where is Gigabit broadband available?
Liège, Wavre, Charleroi

Brussels, etc.

Can I get Gigabit broadband at my place?

Entrez votre adresse pour vérifier la disponibilité du Gigabit chez vous.

Cable broadband

Reliable and always faster

When it comes to high-speed internet, the existing broadband technologies on offer are DSL, fibre-optic and coaxial cable.

Why choose cable broadband? Because this technology offers ultra-fast download speeds, even more so now that 1 Gbps broadband is being installed across the VOO network.

Result: the entire family can surf or stream simultaneously without dropouts or buffering, and you get even higher download speeds.

Our ultra-high-speed broadband technology

Your internet connection speed is measured in bits-per-second or bps. One gigabit equals one billion bits! This is why we talk about an ultra-high-speed connection.

Several technologies exist to provide you with ultra-high-speed broadband. We often talk about Fibre-To-The-Home or FTTH. However, laying fibre-optic cables to everybody's home generally involves digging up the street and complex ground works, which can be slow and costly.
Our VOO high-performance network, made up of both fibre-optic and coaxial cables, means we can effectively carry huge quantities of signals and data (analogue TV, digital TV, VoD, internet, etc.)

Over the years, VOO has developed our network to enable it to carry more and more signals. We have just switched over to the new cable modem technology called DOCSIS 3.1! This development means we can offer you even higher broadband speeds thanks to faster transfer rates and new algorithms that improve the efficiency of the encryption.
Our terms and conditions
Gigaboost option
Option reserved for subscribers to a PRO pack with a CGA modem. Option available from 12 October 2021 only in certain areas of Liège, Wavre and Charleroi. Check the availability of the GIGABOOST Option at your address at the URL: business.voo.be/fr/internet/gigaboost. The download and upload speeds depend on your IT hardware, your indoor cabling and router. The stated speeds are available with cable connections. They may be slower when using a wi-fi connection.
Our deal conditions
Gigaboost deal
Three months free (worth 37.19 € excl. VAT.): deal valid for all new subscriptions to the GIGABOOST option. Deal not valid for customers who have previously subscribed to the GIGABOOST option.
€ 700 (excl. VAT) offered
On three smartphones with our
Trio Mobile or Quatro-Pro packs
€ 700 (excl. VAT) offered
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VOObusiness customer