TV Pro

A solution adapted for medium and large establishments

In summary...

  • Suitable for establishments >30TV
  • Centralized and scalable Professional Solution
  • Wide choice of channels in digital quality
  • Possibility of tailor-made and premium service


  • A tailor-made approach

    VOO offers you an integrated solution that will meet all your needs.

    • Connect an unlimited number of TVs and mobile devices: we guarantee you the same quality of service

    • Integrate your existing tools and applications: Integrate a reservation software or comparable tool.

    • Create your own channels: You can communicate your latest news or display the menu of your restaurant, etc.

    • Customize the interface: As soon as the screen is turned on, customers can automatically receive a personalized message or video according to various established settings.

  • Channels in digital quality

    All without additional decoder, cable or remote control.

    • A simple solution.

    • No decoder, no cable.

    • A tailor-made installation adapted to your needs

  • With IP TV, enter the interactive era

    With IPTV, VOO allows you to easily modernize your infrastructure and offer your customers new interactive services as only digital television allows.

    Type of installation : Custom-made, In collaboration with a TV partner.

    Environment required : LAN, UTP RJ 45 cabling, Solution provided by an integrator or multimedia terminals

TV Pro, a centralized and scalable professional solution

  • Suitable for establishments >30TV
  • Suitable for hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, etc.
  • Centralized and scalable Professional Solution
  • Use of existing Coax or computer cabling (RJ45)
  • No additional boxes near the TVs
  • Unique and simplified remote control
  • Wide choice of channels in digital quality
  • Image and sound in superior quality (Full HD)
  • Possibility of tailor-made and premium service
  • Simplified invoice

Services available depending on the type of wiring

  Intro Coax/Internal network Coax Intro Coax/Internal network RJ45 Intro Fibre/Internal Network Coax Intro Fiber/Internal Network RJ45
VOO digital bouquet checked checked checked checked
VOO Sport checked checked checked checked
Be TV checked checked checked checked
Internal channels checked checked checked checked
Interactivity options unchecked checked unchecked checked