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Enjoy the high-speed Internet with the Lenovo convertible computer.
Available with the purchase of the ONE Pro or Trio Pro Pack.

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An extra TV included in your One Pro subscription. Choose from Be tv, VOOsport World or Family Fun

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Pack One Pro

The all-in packfor self-employed and small businesses with an ultra-fast 400Mbps connection

€85 /month promotion

Laptop computer worth €453.72
or €210 discount

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Mobile Pro

A 20GB data plan with unlimited calls and texts

promotion €22 12 € /month

€30 discount


Lenovo C340 Convertible 14” (Platinum)


AMD RYZEN 3 3200U 2.6 GHz


128 GB SSD

Wifi Boost (WLAN 2x2)

Clavier ‘backlit’

Ecran tactile

Pliable vers mode ‘tablet’

Windows 10 Home S

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