What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a small file which is created by certain websites and stored on your computer to facilitate navigation when you visit the website again. This file makes it easier for websites to find certain information about users and to personalise the navigation experience during their visits (for example, the size of the screen, the Internet browser version or the language chosen).

Why does the VOO website use cookies?

While respecting the principles explained above, the VOO website uses cookies to optimise the navigation of its visitors and to identify which parts of the website are most popular and which messages need clarification.

Do the cookies used by VOO affect my privacy?

The VOO website uses cookies anonymously: none of your personal details are associated with the information stored in the cookies used by VOO.

What do I do if I do not want these cookies?

Although cookies allow a personalised navigation, the VOO website has been designed to be 100% compatible with navigation without cookies. You can accept or refuse cookies at all times by adapting the settings in your browser*.

VOO recommends that you browse the Internet with a recent browser so you can surf with greater safety and find it easier to control the cookies settings according to your preferences, for example:

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