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The Wi-Fi modem from VOO

Make the most of the latest developments

The <strong>Wi-Fi modem</strong> from VOO

Wi-Fi has never been easier thanks to the VOO modem

It allows a super fast broadband internet connection: up to 400 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads with our MAX offers, and soon, even more!
  • Installation
    Nothing could be easier than installing VOO’s Wi-Fi modem: one of our engineers calls at your home.
  • Wi-Fi connection by QR-Code
    Scan the QR-code on the back of the modem with your smartphone to connect to the Wi-Fi in a few seconds.
  • On/Off
    A front panel button on the modem to deactivate the Wi-Fi signal when you are not surfing the Internet.
  • Easy Wifi (WPS)
    A front panel button on the modem to set up a wireless connection from a Wi-Fi-equipped device to your modem with the greatest of ease.
  • Guest Wifi
    The possibility of having a Wi-Fi network for your guests with a simple password that is different from your own.
  • Easy configuration
    A modem management interface is available from your home PC.

Performance and reliability

  • High-speed
    A EuroDocsis 3.0-compliant modem allowing for super fast broadband
  • Smart Wi-Fi
    Thanks to band steering, you no longer need to choose which Wi-Fi to connect to: your devices automatically connect to the best frequency band: 5GHz for high speed, 2.4GHz for greater range.
  • Super fast and super stable Wi-Fi
    A Wi-Fi with the ac wave 2 standard for more stability, equipped with 3 antennas in 2.4GHz and 4 antennas in 5GHz for more speed.
  • Connections
    4 Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect 4 computers simultaneously and make the most of super fast broadband Internet access. 2 FXS ports to connect up to 2 phone lines.

Consult the User Guide

The VOO Wi-Fi modem user manual is a valuable help for quick and trouble-free troubleshooting.

Our terms and conditions
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€ 700 (excl. VAT) offered
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Trio Mobile or Quatro-Pro packs
€ 700 (excl. VAT) offered
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