What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent technique used by hackers to recover personal and/or confidential information (account number, code, etc.) belonging to Internet users by perfectly reproducing the design of the legitimate commercial site of one of your suppliers, your bank, etc.

Please note

At the moment, subscribers inform us that they have received an e-mail on behalf of VOO threatening them with the possibility of their mailbox being closed if they do not send back a form filled in with various data including their email address, username and confidential password.

Be careful, this is an attempted scam (phishing) to try to obtain your personal data (confidential identifiers). A careful examination of the sender of the email will reveal to you an address that has nothing to do with the one used by VOO.

We advise you not to reply to this email.

VOO never requests and will never request confidential data by email.

We will of course file a complaint against the perpetrators of this attempted fraud.

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